‘Indie Vision Music’ “The End of An Era … 2000-2015”


IVM_logoBrandon Jones owner and founder of Indie Vision Music recently reported the following, due to the future of IVM:

‘Friends it is with a heavy heart that I come to you on this day and announce the end of IVM as a music blog/zine site. I have run this site independently since July 4th of 2000 with a passionate drive to do something unique in the music industry. From humble beginnings as a do-it-yourself independent music webstore to a sort of – “Record Label”, and finally as a bold music webzine, I feel that together we have accomplished this goal (and then some).’

‘Running this self-funded site for 15 years has been a daunting task with unforeseen challenges and risks. Not only that but personal and financial sacrifice. A business isn’t without its risks but one run without an income is just an irrational concept and not feasible in the long run.’

‘This past year was somewhat of a wake-up call for me with my wife’s stroke, brain surgery, and the recovery to regain her life. I missed out on so many precious moments in my eldest sons life years ago (he turns 20 this year) due to investing all that time and energy into IVM and I am not about to make the same mistake twice with our little ones.’

‘Instead of trying to relaunch as a new and improved music blog-site or worry about the burdens of a crowd-funding campaign, I felt it more fitting to just let the site retire.’

The entire statement can be read at this location.

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