‘Indians’ – ‘Anthrax’ Drum Cover by ‘Jim Chaffin’ (The Crucified/Deliverance)


In a series of drum cover videos that focus on Jim Chaffin influences growing up. Check out his new video below.

#6 on the list is Charlie Benante! Charlie‘s use of quick quadruplets was a big influence on me. Among the Living was a pivotal album, even with the heavy metal screams haha. S.O.D. can’t be forgotten either. Pure brilliance.

The video can be watched below.

Jim Chaffin is the original drummer for The Crucified and Fasedown and has played with many other acts. Such as Once Dead, The Blamed and Left Out. Currently Jim is playing drums Deliverance.

The Crucified formed in 1984. Its lineup is vocalist Mark Salomon, guitarist Greg Minier, bassist Jeff Bellew, and drummer Jim ChaffinThe Crucified released three demos “KGB” (1985), “Take up Your Cross” (1986), “Nailed” (1987) two studio albums “The Crucified” (1989), “The Pillars of Humanity” (1991) and one complication “The Complete Collection” (2009). They toured California for the majority of their career and appeared at the Cornerstone Festival outside of Chicago several times. The band broke up in 1993 due to personal differences, but reunited in 2009. In September 2008, the band was able to acquire their music from Ocean Records and put together a commemorative box-set released through Tooth & Nail Records on June 30, 2009. The band also began offering new merchandise on their website and MerchNow. And on November 17, 2009, Tooth & Nail Records re-released the band’s final full-length 1991 release, “The Pillars of Humanity.”

The band played their first show in 14 years on June 14, 2009 at the Calvary Chapel Golden Springs in Diamond Bar, California, and also played at the Cornerstone Festival on the night of July 3, 2009.

The band performed their first show overseas on October 31, 2009 at the Nordic Festival in Oslo, Norway.

The Cru shop closed its doors on Aug. 31th 2016 … whether this also means the end of The Crucified? I hope not, but we will see ..

Chaffin joined the Christian Thrash Metal band Deliverance in 1990 when original drummer Chris Hyde (rip) left the band. Chaffin was only in the band for a brief time, but later rejoined in 2014 as a new lineup.

The lineup included founder and Brainchild vocalist and guitarist Jimmy P. Brown II, guitarist George Ochoa, and bassist Victor Máciás (formerly of Tourniquet). The band began writing and recording their new album,“The Subversive Kind,” which Chaffin, Brown and Macias wrote primarily. Ochoa departed from the band, being replaced by Glenn Rogers (original “D” member). However, Minier, Chaffin‘a former band mate, recorded some of the solos on the album.

 “The Subversive Kind,” is released on February 23rd. through Roxx Records and 3 Frogz Records.

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