‘Ikarian’ New Album “A Shrine Of Fire” Temporary Available For Streaming


IkarianIkarian the Musical Project of James Allin [formerly of Visionaire and Century Sleeper] have released its new album “A Shrine Of Fire” on Dec. 3rd. The entire album has been posted now on youtube and is temporary available for streaming. You can also listen to it below. (Thanks Zarko)

James has the following to say:

Full album upload of my newest offering “A Shrine Of Fire”. This will be up only for a week or two. PLEASE NOTE that the sound quality has been somewhat compromised on this full upload, but the CD you’ll be able to buy in the near future will be very high quality without any of the anomalies you may hear on this upload from time to time.

0:00 – 8:28 A Shrine Of Fire
8:29 – 12:48 Gathering Storms
12:49 – 17:45 Phantom Of Misery
17:46 – 21:36 Fall To Dream (mostly Instrumental)
21:37 – 26:16 I Believe
26:17 – 31:58 Soul LIke Sun
31:59 – 38:06 Medusa (followed by short Instrumental titled: Sunmeras Asudem)
38:07 – 43:28 Unbound
43:29 – 49:31 Ascend Higher
49:32 – 56:05 We’ll Always Be Here
56:09 – 61:30 Vapor Eternity (Bonus Song)

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