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Life Reaper (300)I, The Breather is a metalcore band from Baltimore, Maryland. After their first self-released EP “I, The Breather”, they signed to Sumerian Records where they released two other albums, “These Are My Sins: (2010) and “Truth and Purpose” (2012).

After a few lineup changes during the years where only Shawn Spann (vocals) remained as a founding member, they released another album this year, called: “Life Reaper”.  Let’s take a look, or listen, at it.

What I notice instantly is that they are not afraid to use electronical influences on this album. The first song ‘Setting:Sun’ is full of it but also of some heavy breakdowns and the typical chugging at the guitarstrings. Almost the same can be said for the next song ‘Soul:Seek’ , the big difference is that this song has a catchy chorus.

‘Self:Restore’ has a nice original beginning in my opinion, mellow for a short moment, then the brutality kicks in. Again we are treated to a catchy chorus. What strikes me in this song is that the guitars play some tunes that are also known to classic rock. You have to do your best to hear it but if you hear it, it could easily be played by Eddy van Halen or Gary Moore. (For the young readers, just google them.) Among all the typical metalcore sounds I find this refreshing.

Then the title track ‘Life:reaper’, again metalcore with heavy guitars, electronical sounds and a clean chorus coloured neatly between the lines (Dutch saying.)

By the way, I have to mention the voice of Shawn Spann is a nice mix between grunting and screaming.

The song ‘Swine:Cult’ features Ricky Armellino of This Or The Apocalypse.

A few songs later we have ‘Re:Volution’ an electronical instrumental interlude, then again quickly followed by another heavy brutal song ‘Chain:Breaker’.

This review also I can’t describe the whole album song by song but if you read what I have said until now than I think I have already summarized the whole album.  Typical electronical metalcore with catchy clean choruses. That makes it easy for me as a reviewer but it is also a downfall. It is all very well executed but it lacks some originality it all has a tendency to sound the same. Highlight for me is the song ‘Self:Restore’ because of the previously mentioned guitar parts in this song.

Rating: 7/10

Written by: René Woning

Track listing:
6.Swine:Cult (feat. Ricky Armellino) this or the apocalypse

Band members:
Shawn Spann – Vocals
Chase Kozlowski – Guitar
Kyle Bowman – Guitar
Conor Hesse – Bass
Aaron Ovecka – Drums

“I, The Breather” EP (2009)
“These Are My Sins” (2010)
“Truth and Purpose” (2012) [review]
“Life Reaper” (2014)

Record label: Sumerian Records, July 2014

Weblinks: Facebook / Myspace / Twitter

Buy the album here:
 First Paradox 
 Nordic Mission

Video below ‘Soul: Seek’

Video below ‘Life : Reaper’

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