Hrada (Feat. Extol frontman Peter Espevoll) Releases Debut Single, ‘Gospel Oak’


Extol frontman Peter Espevoll has teamed up with filmmaker and musician Åsmund Janøy for a new artistic venture, Hrada, The single ‘Gospel Oak.’ saw its official premiere on HM magazine. Listen to the song below.

Hrada’s first release offers the same dedicated passion and musical creativity Extol fans have grown to adore, all within a new musical spectrum and genre. Lyrically, ‘Gospel Oak’ stares systemic racism in the face and challenges the misuse of power in political and religious environments, creating a tapestry of boldness and grace.

About his new project and partnership, Peter Espevoll says:

“After doing music since I was 14, I ended up with a very strained relationship to music and for many years I thought I ́d never do any music again. But luckily life wanted it different. The inspiration I have found with Åsmund is magical and the flow of creativity that I have experienced over the last year has been truly unique.”

Janøy also weighed in on Hrada’s sonic identity: “We have tried to detach ourselves from genres and we operate under the tagline: Anything is allowed. That has led us to a collection of really varied songs that is meant to be inspiring and challenging…The music is filled with exciting harmonies and melodies, and as a red thread we use a dramatic expression wrapped in a warm and organic sound.”

‘Gospel Oak’ is released on June 17th. If you like what you hear, check out Hrada on Facebook, Spotify and Instagram.

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