‘Hope For The Dying’ ‘In Isolation’ Lyric Video Available


hopeforthedying_logoIn Isolation is the first single off of Hope for the Dying‘s newest record, Aletheia, which will be released on March 19 on Facedown Records. Stay tuned for more updates and pre-order information.

Hope for the Dying formed in November of 2006 with sights set on bringing something different to the table. Tiring of the typical simplistic music that has manifested itself in the heavy music culture, Hope for the Dying brings new meaning to the idea of ‘guitar-driven metal.’ By blending the musical virtuosity of old school shred-metal pioneers like Iron Maiden and Metallica with the modern edge of today’s progressive heavy-hitters like Between the Buried and Me and The Human Abstract, Hope for the Dying is developing a signature sound that is as technically proficient as it is fresh and unique.

In 2008, Hope for the Dying was featured in HM Magazine’s ‘Pick-of-the-Litter’ section and subsequently inked a deal with the newly resurrected Strike First Records [a division of Facedown Records] and released their debut self-titled full length on November 25 of that year. In the two years following the release of their debut, Hope for the Dying matured in both their music and their line-up, and by the end of 2010, the band was stronger and more driven than ever before. Then on December 1, the band revealed that they will be releasing the follow up to 2008’s debut in the spring of 2011 on Facedown Records

Their latest album, titled Dissimulation, has been released on April 26, 2011, through Facedown Records. The album was engineered by Brian Hood [A Plea For Purging, MyChildren MyBride].

Band members:
Josh Ditto – Lead Vocals | Keys
James Houseman  – Guitar
Jack Daniels – Guitar
Brendan Hengle – Drums

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