‘Holy Blood’ New Album “Day Of Vengeance” Drops This Spring, Demo Song Available For Streaming


HolyBloodBandUkrainian folk metal band Holy Blood will release it’s 5th album “Day Of Vengeance” not this summer, but already this spring on American label BombWorks Records. The album will be the follow up to 2010′s  ”Shining Sun”. In the end of this summer the band will be ready to actively engage concert tours and performances.

Below you can listen to the demo version of the song ‘Holy Blood’, which will be included in the new album.

Earlier this month frontman Fedor Buzilevich stated: “All fans and listners will be impressed by it’s future cover – creating of this cover started in 2011, it came through two years of changes and improvements and now it’s almost ready, The rest is still a secret.”

If you are interested in cooperation with us or if you can suggest us to other tour, concert and festival organizers, please let us know. E-mail: holybloodband@yandex.ru

Holy Blood played hardcore in 1999-2000, brutal death/grind in 2000-2001, then turned into melodic death metal. Their new logo image is the banner of Jesus Christ Pantokrator, which was used by ancient people who professed the Orthodox Christian faith. Vladislab Malitskiy was removed from the band in 2008. When Fedor Buzilevich stated his intention to bring his wife Vera Knyazyova back into the band to replace him, Sergei Nagorny, Alexei Andrushenko and Dmitry Titorenko all quit to form Oskord. Fedor Buzilevich only sang until the departure of Artyom Stupak in 2003. Buzilevich then started playing rhythm guitar and Sergei Nagorny switched from rhythm to lead.

Holy Blood has released four albums, “The Wanderer” [2002], “Waves are Dancing” [2005], being their most successful album by far, “The Patriot” [2008], and “Shining Sun” in 2010. All of Holy Blood‘s lyrics are in Ukrainian and Russian, but their song and album titles are in English.

Current members:  Fedor Buzilevich – lead vocals/flute/rhythm guitar, Vera Knyazyova – keyboards/vocals, Evgeniy Titarchuk – lead guitar, Ira Klesch – bass, Victor Serbin – drums, Grigoriy Nazarov – rhythm guitar.

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Video below ‘Holy Blood  promo

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