‘CPR’ Signs With ‘Raven Faith Records’


CPR logoRaven Faith Records is pleased to announce that it has signed a contract with Southern California punk rock band CPR.

CPR may be a new punk band on the music scene, but their sound stems from the classic punk rock of the early 1980’s. While influenced by British bands such as Sham 69, the Sex Pistols & Cock Sparrer , they also blend the sound of American  bands such as  Black Flag, The Ramones, and the Dead Boys.

This Southern California  band delivers a hard hitting, load driving sound with some catchy choruses that make you want to sing along after the music stops. Regardless of influence, CPR are far from being dead boys. Their open, out of the closet faith in God creatively comes through in their lyrics.

Their model is, “if the God of the universe can create this amazing world in 6 days, helping CPR spit out a few punk songs is a piece of cake”.

CPR is currently putting the final touches on their first CD which is a live performance album.

CPR on Facebook

Raven Faith Records located in Ada, Oklahoma is a label that promotes creative, DIY (do it yourself) punk rock bands, spoken words poets etc. Raven Faith has also worked with Thumper Punk Records in doing co-releases with such artists as The Poor Geezers, Ambassadors of Shalom, and the Food For Life compilation. 

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