‘Holy Blood’ Finished Recording of New Album, 2 New Songs Available for Streaming


HolyBloodBandUkrainian folk metal band Holy Blood recently finished the recording of  it’s 5th album “Day Of Vengeance”. In the near future the album will be released on American label Bombworks Records. The album will be the follow up to 2010′s  ”Shining Sun”. In the end of this summer the band will be ready to actively engage concert tours and performances. 3 songs of the upcoming album are available for streaming now ‘Steel Sword’ , ‘I belive in God’ & ‘Holy Blood’. Listen to them below.

If you are interested in booking Holy Blood or if you can suggest them to another tour, concert/festival organizers, please let them know. E-mail: holybloodband@yandex.ru

In February we conducted an interview with frontman Fedor Buzilevich, he said:

‘Holy Blood was formed in 1999. At first, we played Metalcore, then our music become heavier – played Brutal Death and since 2001 decided to play Melodic Death. At the same time I started listening Folk Black, so it influenced on changes in music style. The first album was a shining example of searching our sound and style. After it, in our second album, we determinated Folk Black Death and exactly that album became the calling card of the group, enabled us to become known not only in Ukraine. The third album was continuation of the second. About this time I and former guitarist Mikhail Rodionov recorded old Holy Blood songs from the period when we played Brutal Death, and released it under a different name – Requital. Working on the fourth album, we decided to differ the sound and make it fully in Folk Metal style. During creating the fourth album band members had been changed. With the new members there was a very, very long delay in album creation. In the end of 2013 band members changed (again) and I’ve decided to create and record the fifth album on my own. This album will be in Viking Death style, but with deviations to Folk Doom Metal. I think the new album will become a new calling card of Holy Blood.’

To read the entire interview click here.

Holy Blood has released four albums, “The Wanderer” [2002], “Waves are Dancing” [2005], being their most successful album by far, ”The Patriot” [2008], and ”Shining Sun” in 2010. All of Holy Blood‘s lyrics are in Ukrainian and Russian, but their song and album titles are in English.

Day of Vengeance

Video below ‘Steel Sword’

Video below ‘I belive in God’

Video below ‘Holy Blood’

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