Heavy Metal Band ‘Stairway’ Releases ‘Reason Why’ Single & Lyric Video


British heavy metal band ‘Stairway’ has released a new lyric video for the song ‘Reason Why’. The song is taken from their latest album “Power and Glory” which has been released in September. The track is also available at iTunes. The lyric video can be watched below.

Stairway was formed in 1978 and is known for playing classic New Wave of British Heavy Metal, which took the world by storm in the eighties. NWOBHM covered a diverse range of bands and included Iron Maiden, Def Leppard, Saxon and Motorhead. The UK band’s debut ‘No Rest : No Mercy’ (1993) was produced by Paul Hodson (Hard Rain / Bob Catley). This was followed by ‘Bleeding Heart’ (1999) and ‘On Hallowed Ground’ (2002). Then interest in the debut album began to take off and Stairway signed a deal with Retroactive Records to re-release the ‘No Rest: No Mercy’ album. They went on to release ‘The Other Side of Midnight’ (2006) and ‘Interregnum’ (2010).The band now comprises Graeme Leslie (lead vocals & bass), Pete Jennens (lead guitar) and Andy Edwards (drums). They return in force with ‘Power and Glory’ (2016). Reflecting the fact that this is classic eighties metal, the artwork is by Rodney Matthews (Magnum, Praying Mantis, Asia).

Graeme said “The album talks about promises satan gives us; offering us power, fame and fortune and the opportunity to be gods, when in the end we find they are all empty promises and lies and will lead the world into infinite darkness (World in Black). Yet if we rely on Christ (my rod and my staff – Interlude 23) and follow Him the true Light, he will lead us Across the Moon to live eternally with Him in paradise”.

The entire review of “Power and Glory” can be found here.

Last September we conducted an interview with Stairway. In case you have missed this, no problem .. it can be read here.

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Lyric video: ‘Reason Why’

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