‘HB’ ‘The Battle Of God’ First Video With New Singer ‘Miia’ Available


HB_2013Recently female fronted symphonic metallers HB has announced some line up changes. The biggest change was that Johanna Aaltonen had left the band. A replacement was found in Miia Rautkoski known from G-Powered and Rammas Atas. The first video with Miia can be seen below.

Fans can see the first live gig with Miia on 16.3.2013 at Nosturi, Helsinki. Be there! HB tours in Finland and in Europe this year and its more than likely that HB’s Brazil fans are going to enjoy themselves live HB this upcoming summer!

Currently HB is producing compilation of an old material in Finnish. The package will include two powerful cd´s of fans favorites. The album will be released at the end of March. The band is also working on a English version of  Pääkallonpaikka [2010]. It will be released very soon!”

Upcoming Shows:
March 16 Helsinki, Finland
March 29 Ryttylä, Finland
March 30 Ylivieska, Finland
June 8 Raahe, Finland
June 15 Pieksämäki, Finland
Oct. 19 Daaden, Germany
Dec. 29 Offenburg, Germany

Current Line Up:
Miia Rautkoski – vocals
Antti Niskala – guitar
Tuomas Kannisto – bass
Markus Malin – drums

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