Hardcore Punk Outfit ‘Platoon 1107’ Announces the Release of “Straight Edge” the Second of Four EPs, Available for Free Download


platoon_1107_-_straight_edge_cover_3d9Ventura, California patriotic punk outfit Platoon 1107 releases “Straight Edge” EP, the second free digital download in their four EP series. Guaranteed to blow your doors off. Hardcore punk has returned. Download your free copy here:


Also download a free copy of Platoon 1107’s “Tourette”’s EP from the Thumper Punk Records bandcamp page.

Platoon 1107 is a solo project from Jimmy Sisco [Absolved, Lights To Lights, Of Puritans And Lepers, ex-Nomad] and has been labeled as “patriotic” punk rock, which seems rather at odds with your typical punk rock mentality.  In a larger view, punk rock has often challenged the status quo and norm and unfortunately in the US, our military personnel often do not receive the respect and treatment they deserve, so in that sense, this is very punk rock – challenging the norm, standing for something, and showing conviction.  For those wondering, Jimmy served six years in the US Marine Corps and a previous release “We Glory in the Title” was aimed at military veterans and those who have given something back to this country.

Musically, Platoon 1107 is fast, guitar-driven punk rock with vocals usually shouted over the top in a clear tone, fast and loud and not strained.

The name Platoon 1107 honors the individuals that went through boot camp at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego with Jimmy Sisco, USMC Vet.

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