Hardcore Punk Band ‘Cause for Rebellion’ Releases Debut “The Emperor is Naked: Live at the Meat Locker”


Thumper Punk Records is stoked to announce the release of “The Emperor is Naked: Live at the Meat Locker” by SoCal based hardcore punk band Cause for Rebellion. Passionate, sweaty punk rock delivered by men unashamed to proclaim their convictions. All proceeds of sale of this album go to Blood on the Door, which produces benefit shows that bring awareness to human needs and promote real action by raising funds to support faith-based organizations making a difference in the world today. These organizations provide food, shelter, refugee camps and human services to people in need, therefore providing a place where people can hear the Good News.

1. Cause for Rebellion 01:23
2. Why Not Me? 01:27
3. Grace Killer 00:54
4. Son of Perdition 02:07
5. Blood on the Door 02:33

Cause for Rebellion features:
Schmallzy – vocals
Big T– bass
Doug Jutras – drums
Harvey Rebellion – guitar

Weblinks: Facebook / Bandcamp

Thumper Punk Records helps artists record, produce and distribute music that reflects a positive, Christ-centered message.


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