‘Happy Newyear’ from ‘The Metal Resource’, Staff Picks: The Top 10 Best Albums of 2022


First of all, Happy Newyear, wishing you all a healthy, blessed and prosperous 2023

Thanks for your support over the past year, we really appreciate that. The past year has brought us many nice new releases, new bands and fortunately again nice concerts / festivals. We expect 2023 to be even better!

Anyway, a little bit later then expected: But we are having each staff member of our team list their choices for The Top 10 Best Albums Of 2022 (In no particular order). Unfortunately, not everything is delivered on time, so as you can see below there are missing a few top-10 lists.


Becoming the Archetype – “Children of the Great Extinction”
Ninth Sphere – “Uriel”
Evergrey – “A Heartless Portrait (The Orphean Testament)”
Eye of Melian – “Legends of Light”
Thirty Fates – “Circus Black”
Miseration – Black Miracles and Dark Wonders
Kaledon – “Legend of the Forgotten Reign, Chapter VII: Evil Awakens”
Infected Rain – “Ecdysis”
Get the Shot – “Merciless Destruction”
Aexlium – “The Fifth Season”


Lamb of God – “Omens”
Bloodywood – “Rakshak”
Messhuggah – “Immutable”
Ozzy Osbourne – “Patient no 9”
Slipknot – “The end, so far”
Blind Guardian – “The god machine”
Alter Bridge – “Pawns and kings”
Dispraised – “Moral Rot”
Megadeth – “The sick the dying and the dead”
Fit For an Autopsy – “Of what the future hold”
Thy Listless Heart – “Pilgrims On The Path Of No Return”


Amorphis – “Halo”
Eric Wagner – “In the Lonely Light of Mourning”
Demon Hunter – “Exile”
Ninth Sphere – “Uriel”
Thy Listness Heart – “Pilgrims on the Path of no Return”
Megadeth – “The Sick The Dying and the Dead”
Eye of Melian – “Legends of Light”
Reign of Glory – S/T
Flood – “Polarized”
Vivaldi Metal Project – “EpiClassica”


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