Guitarist ‘Simone Mularoni’ (DGM) Announced as Special Guest on ‘Alberto Rigoni’s’ Upcoming Prog. Album “Overloaded”


DingwallAlbertoRigoniAR5_1Italian prog bassist and composer Alberto Rigoni is proud to announce that, together with guitarists Marco Sfogli (James LaBrie) and Fabrizio “Bicio” Leo, Simone Mularoni is one of the special guests of the upcoming album “Overloaded” out on October 1st via Any and All Records.

Simone is a top class Italian guitar player, also known as member of the progressive Italian bands DGM and Empyrios. Simone also mixed the drums of Alberto’s new album. In the video below you can see Simone recording some stunning guitars:

“Overloaded” line-up is completed with drummer Denis Novello and keyboards wizard Federico Solazzo who also mixed and made the mastering of the album.

More heavy and progressive than its predecessors, fully instrumental, Alberto’s new prog album will be released by Any and All Records on October 1st 2014 and it will be distributed worldwide by PowerProg (Europe), Nightmare Records (USA & Canada), Disk Union (Japan), Mylodon Records (Chile), BTF (Italy), La Mazakuata Records (Mexico), Record Heaven (Sweden).

The artwork of “Overloaded” has been designed by Chris van der Linden.

Alberto’s latest (solo) album ”Three Wise Monkeys” was released on October 1, 2012 by Any And All Records with worldwide distribution [Nightmare Records, Disk Union, Power Prog, MediaStar, etc.].The instrumental progressive rock metal song features ex Dream Theater member Kevin Moore [OSI, Chroma Key], Tommy Ermolli [Twinspirits guitar player] and Paolo Valli [session drummer for many famous italian artists].

To read our review of ”Three Wise Monkeys” click here.

Overloaded Artwork

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