Grrr Records “Christmas Compilation” Available For Free Download


Glenn-Joy To The WorldMerry Christmas everyone! Here’s a little gift from Glenn Kaiser and Grrr Records. Glenn wrote and recorded a new Christmas song ‘I Wanna Hear the Angels Sing’ and they are giving it as free gift to all their fans. Accompanying Glenn on vocals is his daughter Ami Moss. Listen to more of her with her band Ami Moss and the Unfortunate over at Archive Records. Tracklist and download link can be found below.

Grrr Records says: ‘Thank you so much to all of you who have supported us, our music and our ministry over the years. Have a great holiday’!

GrrrRecords, is the home of ‘Glenn Kaiser’, ‘Glenn Kaiser Band’, ‘The Crossing’, ‘Leper’, ‘Photoside Cafe’, ‘Aracely’, ‘Resurrection Band’ [aka Rez], ‘Exegesis’ and many others.

Glenn Kaiser has been a musician since the late ’60s. In 1971, he joined the group that woud later become Resurrection [Rez] Band. Glenn played hard rock with Rez for more than 25 years before setting out on his own to pursue other musical avenues. In 1999 he formed the blues rock trio Glenn Kaiser Band with Roy Montroy and Ed Bialach, but Glenn‘s musical creativity sometimes steps out of that mold. Glenn‘s solo career has centered around the blues but he has ventured off into R&B, American roots, and worship.

Tracklist: 1) I Wanna Hear The Angels Sing – Glenn Kaiser, Ami Moss, 2) Like & Unlike Any Other – Glenn Kaiser, 3) Joy to the World – Glenn Kaiser, 4) Emmanuel – Joy Williams, Hilde Bialach, Joby Morey 5) Wexford Carol – Hilde Bialach [the Crossing], Inga Bialach, Joby Morey. 


Video below Glenn Kaiser – ‘Joy to the World’

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