‘Groezrock/Macbeth’ Top 10 Most Voted Bands Announced


All 20 bands have worked their asses off to spread the word of their nomination and to gain as much votes as possible. Now, after 2 weeks and more than 30,000 votes we proudly announce the 10 bands that will rock our stage at the Groezrock Festival on the 28nd & 29nd of April in Meerhout, Belgium.

To complete our lineup we had our partner Blackstar Amplification pick the 2nd band to receive a wild card. They made a strong pick and we are stoked to announce that We Butter The Bread With Butter from Germany will be the last addition to the lineup of the Macbeth stage at Groezrock 2012. Combined with our special guests The Swellers and We Are The Ocean, as well as the winner of the other wild card Exile Parade, our line-up is stronger than ever!
We want to thank all the bands for their dedication and for making this year’s competition a huge success! We are looking forward to meet all the bands at Groezrock!

Also a big thank you goes out to all of you who voted and helped your favorite band to win! We will raffle 3 pairs of shoes amongst the voters, the winners will be notified by email. See you at Groezrock!

The Macbeth team.

The 10 bands with the most votes are…
These 10 bands will play the Macbeth Stage at groezrock 2012!

1) The Amsterdam Red-Light District, France, 11.9%
2) Now, Voyager, Belgium, 11.8%
3) John Coffey, The Netherlands, 9.7%
4) Until The Last, France, 9.0%
5) The Charm The Fury, The Netherlands, 9.0%
6) Envy The Fallen, United Kingdom, 7.6%
7) Versus You, Luxembourg, 6.8%
8 ) Barroom Heroes, Germany, 6.0%
9) As Enemies Arise, The Netherlands, 5.8%
10) If I Die Today, Italy, 5.8%

For more info on Groezrock . View the full list of perforrming bands/artists here.

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