‘Grave Robber’ Needs Your Help (A Letter from Lead Vocalist, Wretched)


Grave Robber - CellarWretched, frontman of horror/punk band Grave Robber reported the following:

“Greetings, my friend. . .”

“You may have pledged to help Grave Robber’s upcoming cd, “Escaping The Grave” become a reality. We can’t begin to express our gratitude. You are aces, just know that!”

“You may not even be aware that Grave Robber is raising funds for this cd!”

“Either way, Grave Robber needs your help. Grave Robber is NOT a huge, rock star band with a nice fat recording budget, rather we are a small band with a big desire to make a really awesome high quality recording. This is a great opportunity for YOU to be a part of our musical legacy.”

“But, it’s crunch time. . .”

“We are less than two weeks away from the DEADline and not quite halfway to our goal. Will you please help us with a pledge AND share this link?”  https://tinyurl.com/qb4hdff

“Please share this on all of your social media platforms, with your friends, and families. If you’d be so kind, please say a little something about this campaign, maybe why you pledged to help fund it?”

“You mean the world to us. Thanks for your time!”

“Thanks a million,”
Wretched Grave Robber

Grave Robber’s fourth album “Straight to Hell” EP has been released on Oct. 25th. 2014 through Rottweiler Records. Check out our album review here.

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Lyric video ‘Straight To Hell’

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