‘Grave Declaration’ To Play ‘Elements Of Rock’ 2012


GraveDeclAs a little Christmas surprise, we are pleased to announce the following four bands for Elements Of Rock 2012: Grave Declaration (Symphonic Black Metal, NOR), Endtime Prophecy (​​D Melodic Death Metal), Scylla Revenge (Metal Core, CH) and Antaraxid (Metalcore, CH).

Grave Declaration, an promising Black Metal band from Norway, are currently in the studio and will present at EoR a lot of new songs. Thor recently posted the following update on their facebook pageI’m done recording my guitars!!!!! Wow, this feels good! I can’t believe it’s been 3 years since I started writing these songs. Now Kristian just has 3 solos left, and then all the guitars are done. I just have a lot of editing to do before we re-amp the guitars. I mean….. No I don’t! We play everything perfect in 1 take, all the time. 

Grave Declaration is:

Thor Georg Buer – Guitar, Vocals, Programming
Kristian Larsen – Guitar
Heidi Rype – Keys
Pål Haugland – Bass
Kenneth Mellum – Drums

In the beginning of October we  told  you about the first bands for EOR 2012. Crimson Moonlight [Black / Death Metal, SWE)] A Hill to Die Upon [Death / Black, USA], Icon Clan [rock, FIN], Exhale [Grindcore, SWE] and Pertness [Power Metal , CH].

Timon Kokott, vocalist of the German thrash metal band, Fallen Walls‘, is also a gifted and aspiring “Metal-signatory.” Inspired of the atmosphere and the opportunities offered at the stage he will take during the two evening concerts, brush in hand. ! On the results, we are excited
about Timon‘s work HERE.

Elements Of Rock will be held March 16 – 18 2012, Stadthofsaal, Uster, Switserland.

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