Gothic Rock Project ‘Anemia’ (Feat. Skot Shaw & Ricky Puckett) Releases “Wither” Debut Album


anemia_b30Anemia was a side project from Skot Shaw of Chicago goth band, Leper, and former Broken Flesh vocalist (and Ex-Obliteration/Death List and current In Darkest Dreams), Ricky Puckett on vocals. They recently released their debut album“Wither”. The album also contains the classic song ‘Shadows’, which is originally written, recorded, and performed by Resurrection Band (AKA REZ Band).

The album is now digitally available on Bandcamp. If you like goth rock, be sure to pick up your copy today!

The project was initially created by Skot Shaw under the name, ‘Pelennor Fields’. At one time, the band also included Shawn Browning (aka “Wretched”-vocalist of horror-punk band, Grave Robber) and Jim LaVerde (from pioneering christian metal band, Barren Cross, of the 1980’s and early to mid 90’s). Shawn was supposed to be the original vocalist, but due to time constraints and other commitments, Shawn passed the torch to Ricky Puckett to helm the vocal spot. Shortly after Ricky joined, Skot made the decision to change the name of the project to ‘Anemia’.

Due to the physical distance between Skot and Ricky (Skot in Chicago, Ricky in Oklahoma City), Anemia was solely a studio project. They played only one show at Audiofeed Festival 2012. The album, “Wither” was their only release, though they contributed a Christmas track for ‘God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen’ which is included on the “Darkness Falls Upon This Christmas” compilation from 2012.



1. Wither 09:37
2. For You 04:42
3. Nowhere Else But Down 06:13
4. Shadows 07:18
5. Leave Me 06:28
6. I’d Die 05:21
7. Whatever You Say 04:24
8. White Throne 06:58
9. At The End of All Things 04:05

Weblinks:  Bandcamp / Facebook

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