Golden Resurrection – Man With A Mission


In my memory, it was only yesterday that ‘Glory To My King’ blasted out of my speakers. It is still making it’s spins in my car-radio, but even though I’m still loving it, it has to make room for Golden Resurrection‘s follow-up-album ‘Man With A Mission’.

My first thought when seeing this release, so short after the former album, was: ‘Oh no, once again, Christian Liljegren forgets proper touring, resulting in the majority of the world not knowing what amazing projects the man has provided to the scene in the past years.’ And off course, I think these kind of releases deserve at least a 200-concert-tour around the world, if you want the attention your music beggs for, but I assume money and family-matters caused the band to make different choices.

Glad to see that the band at least attents Nordic Fest and Rock Without Limits. A useful tv-performance by Tommy Reinxeed, singing some of his ‘Swedish Hitz Goes Metal’ before a 30.000 people audience and 2 milion tv-watchers, helped gaining some extra attention to that project, as well as Tommy‘s others bands: ReinXeed and Golden Resurrection.

Yet, my desire to see the world flooded with Golden Resurrection-live-performances, is again fed while listening to ‘Man With A Mission’. It would just be a shame to keep this a studio-only-project. It starts with the spheric ‘The Light Overture’. In just seconds this intro causes Jack Sparrow to sail through your imagination, a pictue that is brutally blown to pieces by the powerful ‘Man With A Mission’. Tommy’s guitar is dueling nicely with the keyboards, while Christian shares his favorite message: ‘I’m a Christian and I’m ok for you to know it. Think about becoming one too…’

And you know what? Every time he tells it, in whatever band, with whatever guitarist, it is a pleasure to hear him sing it. Not necessarily because of the message, but because these songs are worth listening to. This song ends with a melodic multic-vocal-harmony and a theatrical final note.
Altought this album glows with power, it showcases a lot of melody as well. Tommy’s love for the Abba-melodies can be found in ‘Golden Times’ and ‘Flaming Youth’, while ‘Generation Of The Brave’ and ‘Standing On The Rock’ show that the band is still rooted in old-school hardrock.

I can talk about melodies, power and classic references, but the main reason you will love this album, is Tommy. His speeding solo’s will make you smile. They will bring back the sweet memories you have on Impellitteri, Malmsteen and Vinnie Moore. (Not to forget Gary Moore and Kerry Livgren, both honored with a cover-song on the digital version of this masterpiece.)

I’m glad this Golden Resurrection-album exists. Yes, it’s too bad the band doesn’t seem to take much time to tour the scene, but still that isn’t a reason for my smile to dissapear. And if it does, I’ll just put on this album… and it will be back in no time!.

Reviewed by Hans van Vuuren

Rating: 9/10

Label: Liljegren/Doolittle, October 2011

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01. The Light Overture
02. Man With A Mission
03. Identity In Christ
04. Golden Times
05. Finally Free
06. Generation Of The Brave
07. Standing On The Rock
08. Metal Opus 1 In C# Minor
09. Are You Ready For The Power
10. Flaming Youth
11. Point Of Know Return (Kansas Tribute – Only Digital Release)
12. The End Of The World (Gary Moore Tribute – Only Digital Release)

Christian Liljegren  – Vocals
Tommy ReinXeed – Guitars, Keyboards, Lead & Backing Vocals
Steven K – Bass & Backing Vocals
Rickard Gustafsson – Drums & Backing Vocals
Kenneth Lillqvist – Keyboards & Backing Vocals











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