‘Freakstock’ 2015, New Ground, One Crowd, No Borders


freakstock logoFreakstock is a festival organized by the German JesusFreaks held Germany. Freakstock started in 1995. The festival presents many varieties of music, workshops and seminars. But the festival has more activities to offer including a soccer competition, tattoo artist, different shops, art exhibition and more. Freakstock 2015 takes place July 29 – Aug. 2.

The organisation of Freakstock recently reported the following:

New Ground

The Jesus Freaks and consequently Freakstock are currently in a process: In 2013 the topic for the year “Change(d)” hit the nail on the head for a lot of us. God kicked off changes in our lives and our movement and invited us anew to let Him work on us. In 2014 we already knew that He was leading us into new more specific ground. We had to be brave, leave long standing things behind and set out into unknown grounds. In 2015 this will become even more concrete. The new grounds are becoming visible. It is in front of us and we have taken the first steps into it even though a lot of it is still unfamiliar. There is still a lot to discover of what God has in store for us. But there are 2 things on our way this year that we can know:

One Crowd

We’re not just on this path with God, we’re also on it together. Years ago we reviewed the situation and realised how far apart we had drifted from each other and how close we still felt. A poem from back then summarised this feeling:

We’re living lives apart: In big cities and one-horse towns, are 40 and 14, wearing studded wristbands and suits, patent leather shoes and sneakers.
We’re listening to hard-core and classic, are driving Benz and bus, are sitting in executive chairs and are queuing in job centre queues.

We have PhDs and criminal records, believe in anarchy and vote conservative.
We’re living lives apart but we carry one name, dream one dream, share one history!
Is what‘s connecting us stronger than what’s separating us?

Today we can say: Yes, what’s connecting us is stronger than our differences. Maybe we can even say by now that our differences are making us strong because they let us recognise how God makes us complement each other, how we can see things in each other that we would have been blind to otherwise and how we can, together, grasp more and more of how God is.

We are a unity before God. Every single one of us is an essential part in our movement. God created us as a total work of art that only works if all of us are filling it with life, together. And He wants life. He has life in abundance for us and wants us to let it flow out. Because…

No Borders

With God there are no borders. Where our imagination ends God only starts to dream. We are called to freedom in God! Freedom that we can live! Freedom that we are supposed to tell others about! Freedom that we’re supposed to make possible for others who are captured in internal or external barriers. Because we overcome all borders through the one who loves us. The new land that God is leading us into is a land of freedom.

We’re walking into the unknown – new ground!
We’re not alone – one crowd!
We’re called to overcome – no borders!


Pictures of Freakstock 2014 can be viewed here: Wednesday/Thursday / Friday / Saturday & our event review can be found here.

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