Former ‘Trouble’ Vocalist ‘Eric Wagner’ Releases First ‘Blackfinger’ Single


Blackfinger, the new project featuring ex-Trouble vocalist Eric Wagner, has released its first single, All The Leaves Are Brown, via Dark Star Records. The track was produced by Vincent Wojno [Machine Head, Kreator, Trouble] , who is currently mixing Blackfinger‘s full-length debut, to be made available in 2012.

A promotional video for All The Leaves Are Brown, which can be purchased via Amazon and iTunes, is available below.

Trouble formed in 1979 and released several classic albums like Psalm 9, The Skull, Run to the LightManic Frustration and Plastic Green Head.

Eric [pictured at the right] was one of the guest singers on Dave Grohl‘s [Nirvana, Foo Fighters]heavy metal side project Probot, whose 2004 album featured heavy metal vocalists from the ’80s and ’90s.

Eric Wagner left Trouble in April 2008, citing his disdain for the touring life as the main reason for his departure.

Blackfinger is:
Eric Wagner – Vocals
Doug Hakes – Guitar
Rico Bianchi – Guitar
Ben Smith – Bass
Larry Piatz – Drums

For more info on BlackfingerDark Star Records

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