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food4lifThumper Punk Records is at it again, releasing another benefit compilation album, this time benefitting the Food for Life Ministry in Los Angeles ( , which is a group committed to serving those in need with food and encouragement.  In this particular effort, there is a mix of punk, hardcore, pop/rock, and spoken word tracks  with most falling into the punk/hardcore categories.  Notable in this compilation album is that while these are unreleased tracks from the bands, they aren’t throwaway tracks and will most likely all appear on full-length releases at some point.

Highlights for me definitely songs from the bands I’ve come to know and enjoy that are on the Thumper Punk label and those on their new hardcore imprint, On the Attack Records.  Platoon 1107 did surprise me a bit with “J.I.G” and its sound that is much like old Suicidal Tendencies, complete with guitar solo.  Hippos of Doom provide some comic relief in their song “The WAYne Brady” where they take a set list from the label mates The Way and use that as the basis for their song.  In some brilliant track layout moves, the band The Old-Timers are right before Living Fire performing a song called “I’m an Old-Timer”.  All joking aside, the Old-Timers roar through “No Regrets” in typical loud, fast, brash, in-your-face style with shouted vocals, driving rhythm section and some good lead guitar overlay that adds good depth to the chorus sections.  “I’m an Old-Timer” by Living Fire is a more melodic punk tune that instantly conjures up visions of giant sing-alongs and also features some good lead guitar over the top of the rhythm section adding a lot of depth and character to the song.  Christ’s Sake contributed “Sex Trafficking”, which has a great, fast bass line to kick off each verse and has  a decidedly more punk feel and attitude than anything on their debut album, making it a good surprise, and one of the stronger songs on the album.

For the more old-school hardcore fans out there, LIV, kicks off the album with “Make Moves” which is one of those songs that incorporates many of the key elements of good hardcore songs – gravelly lead vocals, gang vocal sections great for pile ons, melodic sections great for dancing, and even a guitar solo.  Later in the album, All the Departed bring back the spirit of Damaged-era Black Flag with “Infected”.

Lest you think this all punk rock and hardcore, the later tracks on the album include some spoken word from the Poor Geezers and Light to Lights, and some acoustic tracks from Rob Lanterman and Abby Nicole.  All in all, this is another strong compilation involving Thumper Punk Records bands and some others and best of all it is a benefit for a great cause.  You can’t lose in this situation, a chance to get some great, unreleased tracks from some great bands and at the same time benefit a good cause.

Rating: 7/10

1. LIV. – Make Moves (On The Attack Records)
2. Platoon 1107 – J.I.G. (guitar solo by Vulcho Bonev) (Thumper Punk Records)
3. Praiser – Remember My Words
4. Grace and Thieves – You Don’t Know (Veritas Vinyl)
5. All The Departed – Infected (On The Attack Records)
6. Hippos of Doom – The WAYne Brady (Thumper Punk Records)
7. The Old-timers – No Regrets (Thumper Punk Records)
8. Living Fire – I’m An Old-timer (Thumper Punk Records)
9. Gary Trimble – Trust
10. He Never Sleeps – Hosanna
11. False Idle – To God Be the Glory (supercharged) (Thumper Punk Records)
12. Christ’s Sake – Sex Trafficking (Thumper Punk Records)
13. Almondo – Give It Up
14. Ambassadors of Shalom – This Ain’t Home (Thumper Punk Records)
15. The Lonely Revolts – The Sojourner (additional guitar by Ron Ruhs) (Thumper Punk Records)
16. Servants N Saints – Let ‘em Go
17. No Lost Cause – Everything’s OK (Thumper Punk Records)
18. The Poor Geezers – Set Out Seeking (Thumper Punk Records and Raven Faith Records)
19. Peter Field – Hebrews/ Perfect King (feat. Sara Pereira)
20. Rob Lanterman – Everyone Leaves
21. Abby Nicole – On the Inside (MMLJ Records)
22. Lights to Lights – The Book of Obadiah (MMLJ Records)

Record label: Thumper Punk & Raven Faith Records, Aug. 2013

Weblinks: Food For Life / Thumper Punk Records / Raven Faith Records

Buy the album here:
First Paradox
Norway: Nordic Mission
USA: Metal Helm

Also available at: iTunes, AmazonMP3


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