Jump Ship Quick – Where Thieves Cannot Tread


Fans of punk rock: take notice! This band from Aurora, Colorado, sets the pace with their 2012 album “Where Thieves Cannot Tread,” a manic combination of powerful guitar rhythms, intense drums, and articulate vocals. Their sound reminds me a bit of the music of M.C. Lars, sans the goofiness and rap elements.

The album begins with “Through the Ears,” a short, but jumpy track that paves the way for the heavier, bass driven “Mask on Greed.” Harry seems to run out of steam while hitting the high note, blurring the song’s intensity. “He Must Increase” is a killer piece, beginning with melodic guitar riffs which slowly progress to harder bass and drum patterns, highlighted by desperate vocals. Garrick’s bass takes an aggressive approach in “Here Come the Clowns.” This song strikes me as being both comical and sinister at the same time, which is an excellent combination. “Not My fault” opens with crunching bass and assertive vocals.

“Hollywouldn’t” is probably the most powerful track on the album; even though it is only one minute long, it doesn’t fail to impress me. The vocals quickly punch out lyrics which blatantly dismiss the “Hollywood” type of lifestyle as corrupt and meaningless. “As We Overcome” doesn’t win me over, as the song sounds too skittish , even silly in some places. Not to mention, the lyrics just seem choppy and thrown together. “Killing for Convenience” is laced with heavier metal elements, setting it apart from the previous tracks on the album. “In the Guise” still retains the thrash metal sound, except for Harry’s vocals, which pick up the punk edge once again. “Where Thieves Cannot Tread” is a nice, lighthearted, surf rock piece that is not only catchy, but also thought-provoking. “Clueless But Not Hopeless” opens with a sonic blast of guitars and bass that keeps driving faster and faster until it seems to take off; the same level of energy quickly crosses over to “If Only.” Crunching bass opens the next track “I Defy Your Violence.” The bass gets more and more edgy, setting off the hateful tone in the vocals. The bassline turns to thunder, and then drops dead. I must admit, I was relieved when “Cattle Prod” came to an end. The mooing cows at the beginning of the song and the hasty interjection of loud vocals just ruined it for me. “My One True Hope” is a much more structured blend of melody and aggression. They conclude the album with “Sun Sets” a definite homerun, laced with intricate guitar work and interesting basslines. It was a shame that this song had to come to an end.

If you have a taste for screamo/punk music, this album could be right up your alley. Although I believe that some tracks lacked musical maturity, I am definitely attracted to the style of Jump Ship Quick. This band deserves a lot of credit for what they have accomplished in this release.

Written by Kris Tilbury

Rating: 7/10

1. Through The Ears
2. Mask On Greed
3. He Must Increase
4. Here Come The Clowns
5. Not My Fault
6. Hollywouldn’t
7. As We Overcome
8. Killing For Convenience
9. In The Guise
10. Where Thieves Cannot Tread
11. Clueless But Not Hopeless
12. If Only….
13. I Defy Your Violence
14 Cattle Prod
15. My One True Hope
16. Sun Sets

Current Line-up:
Vocals: Harry
Guitars: Jeff
Bass: Garrick
Drums: J

Record Label: Thumper Punk Records, 2012

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