Flood (feat. Co-Founders of Tourniquet) Releases Video ‘My Last Ride’


Flood just releases a video for ‘My Last Ride’ the track is taken from their debut album “Polarized” which is released on Jan. 1st. on Acidify Records. Check out the video below.

Flood is a Metal band comprised of accomplished artists innovating forward thinking compositions with calculated, symphonic precision. Their melodically powerful music and vivid lyrics span the dystopian, apocalyptic, and socially relevant mindscape. Guy Ritter (vocals) and Gary Lenaire (guitars / vocals) are co-founders of the bands Tourniquet and Echo Hollow. They are joined by Erik Mendez (guitars), Anna Sentina (bass) and David Husvik (drums).

Our review of “Polarized” can be found here.

War In The Sky
The Four Seasons
Biotech Babylon
In Remission
My Last Ride
Freeloading Larceny
The Order Of Melchizedek
Stop The Bleeding

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