‘First Paradox’ Website Has Been Restyled


First paradox has restyled their site! You can now find your favourite bands classified by genre in the menu on the left-hand side. Even though some bands fit into several genres, we have decided to roughly classify them into pop-rock, female fronted, hard rock/melodic (power) metal, hardcore/metalcore and other metal.

New is the list of bestselling albums, found under the menu. Specifically looking for a band? Then search the band name via the search function. Next to our growing list of metal bands, First Paradox is working to expand their pop-rock range. All at competitive prices compared to other major retailers in the Netherlands!Can’t find the band you’re looking for? Send us an email with your wish list. More than likely First Paradox will be able to find your favourite album at the best price, thereby avoiding that you buy the album more expensively somewhere else. Another good reason to do your shopping at First Paradox!

For more information on First Paradox: Website / Facebook / Twitter


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