Fan-filmed Video Footage of ‘Per Fredrik Åsly’ (PelleK) Performing with ‘Dragonforce’


PellK_2016Multi-national metallers Dragonforce enlisted the help of Norwegian singer Per Fredrik Åsly, also known as PelleK, to front the band for their appearances this past weekend at the MetalDays (July 29 in Tolmin, Slovenia) and Benátská! (July 30 in Liberec, Czech Republic) festivals. Åsly was filling in for regular Dragonforce vocalist Marc Hudson, who was forced to miss the dates due to “health problems/issues.”

Norwegian actor, composer and singer PelleK is best known in the rock and metal scene for his phenomenal vocal range which spans four octaves. In his native Norway, he has one of the world’s biggest rock/metal channels on YouTube, with an impressive 200 million views and 1.6 million subscribers. He has also sung on video game soundtracks for Square Enix (“Final Fantasy”, “Kingdom Hearts”), Riot Games (“League Of Legends”) and has written songs for games like “Path Of Exile” and “Jelly Realms”.

Fan-filmed video footage of Dragonforce performing with Per Fredrik Åsly at MetalDays – Tolmin (Slovenia) & Benatska! Festival – Liberec (Czech Republic) can be seen below.

PelleK‘s second album “Oceans Of Opportunity” has been released on May 10. 2013. “Ocean Of Opportunity,” is a new fully orchestrated conceptual release about the cultures and oceans of the world. For the sophomore release, PelleK has become more of a band and less of a solo release for the singer.

Check our album review of the album here.

PelleK is famous for his powerful 4 octave vocal range, and has within a short period of time gotten millions of views on youtube, sung with singers from Kamelot, Avantasia, Trillium, Seventh Wonder, At Vance, ReinXeed++, been played live on huge televised e-sport events, done over 100 gigs through out the EU/UK and recieved incredible live-reviews. PelleK also sings for the band “Damnation Angels” whos debut album was critically acclaimed and voted best album of 2012 by many people, for instance UK’s Fireworks magazine and progpower USA owner and promoter Glenn Harveston.


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