‘False Idle’ Drummer Steps Down


Drummer Matt has left punk rock band False Idle, because of that, there are some changes inside the band. Read the official announcement below:

It is with the deepest sadness that we have to tell you all that our long time friend and drummer (Even going back to the uniSEF days), Matt, has stepped down from the position of drummer for False Idle. We wish him and his family the best as they move on to bigger and better things in their new location.

Make sure to look for Matt on some upcoming Thumper Punk Records projects as he will continue to contribute his skills to the cause!

With this change, a few adjustments have been made within the False Idle camp. Phil has put down his guitar, and taken on the role of full time drummer. This, in turn, means that upon Tylers return (in 3 weeks), Sef will remain on 2nd guitar instead of the planned move to strictly lead singer.

Our thanks goes out to Matt for all that he has done for the band. You will be missed, brother…

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