Extreme Metal Band Symphony of Heaven Releases New Single & Video ‘Dead Winter Fields’


‘Dead Winter Fields’ is the new single from Symphony Of Heaven the from their upcoming D45 release which will be released via Rottweiler Records.

The video can be seen below:


Pages turn, the chapters close
The sun sets on a bleak Day
Rising again to an evermore darkness
Vanity truly it seems, the wind rushes onward
Fools we are

Soon will be your time and mine, it will all be taken from you and I
Inescapable coming vision, left in the aftermath
The plants withered quickly, down to dust
Only regret as snow on dead winter fields

Time will have you as well
Old and forgotten, cold and rotten
Crying in the soul for unhealing scars
The beauty was vain, the purpose was pain

Can’t come to grips, departed
Grieving hearted, lost again
Up within the loft, peer inside the box
Empty now from the tears, purpose lost from the years

Surely my words fall swiftly on
Missed by all whose near
Like the rust that abounds
Nothing left to do but waste away

Can you feel the death in my veins?
Can you see it’s becoming?
In the ice of winter’s grip
My inner self transforming
Look into these hands of mine
See the rusted scars of time
Darkness breaks into the soul
Devours all that’s left

Freeze creeps in and kills the heart
Ice has done its frozen part
Bury the hope in the fields
Never to be felt again


Video for ‘Dead Winter Fields’

Symphony Of Heaven‘s latest effort “The Acension Of Extinction” (ep) has been released in September via Rottweiler Records. Our review can be found here.

Pathos- guitar and songwriting
Timoratus -bass guitar

Live member:
Eero Tertsunen-guitar

Upcoming Shows:
3-5 Sept – Audiofeed at Sanctuary Stage, Urbana, IL, United States

Weblinks: Twitter / Facebook / Instagram / Bandcamp / SellMyTees / Telegram

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