‘The Beckoning’ – ‘Lamentation’ Exclusive Lyric Video Premiere


Progressive extreme metal band The Beckoning have teamed up with The Metal Resource to bring you the exclusive premiere of their new lyric video for ‘Lamentation.’ The video can be watched below.

Nosral Recordings has compiled The Beckoning‘s “Desolate” EP (2014) and “War” demo (2012), remastered the tracks and will be releasing it as one release. The tracks have been remastered by Luke Dinan (Children of Wrath).

“The Desolation of War” will be available world wide on Dec 29th at all online digital retailers. it will also be available from some online distros and also from nosralrecordings.com for physical cds.

The Beckoning is hailing from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and began in 2010, as a band between husband and wife, Royden and Meghann Turple. The two had been in many bands previously together. December came around and the band released “Bloodlet.”  The band recorded on their debut album, “Demystifiying the Oracle.” The next year, Eldon Loewen joined the band as their first official bassist/guitarist and recorded on “War,” their debut EP, which was released that same year. The EP was one of their more popular releases, until 2014 came around and “Desolate” was released. In 2017, the band joined Nosral Recordings. They are currently working on their sophomore album.

Track listing
1) Lamentation
2) The Sifting
3) Battle Cry
4) Desolate Sanctuary

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Lyric video for ‘Lamentation’

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