Eric Clayton (The Voice of Saviour Machine) Releases First Song from Upcoming Album Listen to ‘The Space Between Us’


Saviour Machine‘s legendary goth metal frontman has written the album of his career and is currently recording his journey called “A Thousand Scars”, with the aid of his trusty Nine, contributing from all over the world.

‘The Space Between Us’ is the first single from “A Thousand Scars” ‘, the Eric Clayton solo record that will be released very soon. The lyric video can be watched below.

Clayton comment: It’s been precisely 19 years since I released an original piece of music… This is a “single edit” of the opening track from “A Thousand Scars”… This lovely, epic piece of music was written by my brother, Jeff Clayton and was originally being developed for SM… It was never planned to be a single, but it seems more appropriate than ever right now…

We had an amazing time creating and recording this 15-song musical journey. Space between us, between you and others, you and us, is something we need, desire and that we even lack from time to time. But in this time of social distance, of not being allowed to hold and hug your loved ones, we come to realise how much it means, how normal it is to be near to each other. We hope from the bottom of our hearts that you are safe, healthy and filled with optimism.

We would like for this song to help you smile and look brightly into the near future. We promise you’ll be seeing us, hearing us as close as possible, real soon! Stay safe, be connected and God Bless you all~

The new album will contain 15 new tracks (75+ minutes), and is available as digital download, CD and vinyl.

They recently launched the new album pre-orders / crowdfunding campaign; “we’ve created a selection of nice goodies for you, as well as the regular album on CD or vinyl.

“Thank you all so much for the seemingly endless support in creating, recording, producing and releasing this album!”

The first 99 contributors to this unique crowdfunding campaign will receive a personal dedication from Eric, and their names in the album artwork.

Story / narrative and lyrics by Eric Clayton
Music by Eric Clayton, Jeff Clayton, Adam Pederson, Ludo Caanen and Twan Bakker
Songs performed by The Nine
Produced by Eric Clayton and Devon Graves

You can be a part of their independent crowdfunding by pre-ordering your copy, right now! Visit their website for details on the different tiers and products.”

Eric Clayton And The Nine is:
Eric Clayton (Saviour Machine) Vocals
Twan Bakker (Dreadlock Pussy, Circus Mayhem, Nem-Q, Les Neufties) Drums
Rob Dokter (Viberider, Circus Mayhem, Les Neufties) Bass
Bas Albersen (De Loods, Les Neufties) Guitar
Ludo Caanen (SonA, Les Neufties) Keys
Jeroen Geerts (A Line In The Dirt, Lemonseven) Guitar

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