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End of September: A new band from Sweden. Female fronted metal released through Ulterium Records, which we all know for their high quality bands. This must be good…..

In 2009 Erik Tordsson started writing songs on his own. He recorded a demo with a female vocalist, which got them into Ulterium Records. Unfortunately the vocalist left and there was a silence of 2 years. In 2011, Erik managed to get a band together to complete a full line-up. This resulted in their first full length cd called “End of September”. Release date for Europe is scheduled on the 11th of May and on the 22th of May for the USA.

To the cd: its contains 9 songs with a total playing time of little over 35 minutes. Musically it’s a mix of modern metal and melodic metal in the range of Within Temptation and Evanescence.

The first song “Isolated” start of very promising with a good heavy sound. This is a very nice production (as to be expected from Ulterium Records). Then the clean vocals of Elin (vocalist) join to complete a very nice mix. The vocals are good and it makes a perfect fit with the music: heavy and melodic.

In “Fallen” it start with some keys, and again very beautiful vocals. When the music kicks in, its complete again. Also some male clean vocals and grunts are included. The band to compare this with is Evanescence, but a little different, somewhat heavier. But listening to this, I don’t have any doubt that they will level up and rise above. The music is very melodic, lingering and emotional. A perfect mix.

In “A place to go” and “Exile” they just continue making excellent music. Not a boring moment. I just wished to listen to this in a cabriolet driving along the beach in nice weather.

Inner Voice” and “Left to this world” continue with the same intense experience. I must make a compliment to the musicians, these guys play very well! The music has some sudden interruptions after the music picks up again and its done very well.

Waiting for the rain” starts of very melodic and the vocals are altered with grunts. Very nice, its gives and extra emotional sense to the song. “Silence” continues and this is just very good fun listening to. I like the melodic keys and guitars combined with the vocals. Probably my favorite song of the album. I just can see this playing on the 24 hour metal channel on TV every hour.

The album ends with “Autumn breaks” and what can I say…..

To come to a conclusion: Excellent album. End of September has a new fan and this album is a must have for any Female fronted metal fan, or better, every metal fan. End of September delivered their first album. One to be proud off!

There must be something in the air in Scandinavia for producing such good quality metal bands. Or it must be the cold winters with long dark evenings….

For the fans who want to check out the band live: 1st of June in Sweden, check their website for details.

Rating: 9/10

Track listing;
01. Isolated
02. Fallen
03. A place to go
04. Exile
05. Inner voice
06. Left in this world
07. Waiting for the rain
08. Silence
09. Autumn breaks

Band members:
Elin Redin – vocals
Erik Tordsson – guitars & vocals
Johan Nöjd – bass
Johan Svensson – drums

Record Label: Ulterium Records, May 2012

Weblinks : Website / Facebook 

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