Aliens Ate My Setlist – “With Fear and Trembling” (EP)


AAMS_WFATAliens Ate My Setlist (AAMS) is a post-hardcoreband from Germany. Founded in 2012 and in the same year they released their first ep “Illusions”. They shared the stage with big names like: The Devil Wears Prada, We Came As Romans and Memphis May Fire to name a few. My first encounter with AAMS was at Brainstorm fest here in the Netherlands, I never heard of them before but during their show my smile became bigger and bigger. Five young men with an enthusiasm which was very contagious. I have been a fan of the band since then. I was even among the first ten buyers who got this new album so I have a signed copy. So you will understand by now that I am a bit prejudiced, but I will try to review this album objectively.

Something else what is important to know about AAMS is, that a short while after this album came out, vocalist Nick Mingrone and guitarplayer David Matthäus decided to quit the band to persue their own careers and studies. The remaining members decided to continue AAMS and Nick and David were replaced by Markus Leinberger (vocals) and Christoph Dieterle (guitar).

The album begins with the song ‘Arise’. From the start we have the typical unmistakable AAMS sound, aggressive with an attitude but interspersed with electronical sounds and as always catchy chorusses.

Followed by ‘Silver Sea Of Lights’ which starts like a dance song but then luckily becomes very brutal where Nick screams from the top of his lungs but you hear in the clean parts that he is a multi vocalist, very capable of giving you goosebumps at the right time. ‘Origin Of Light’ is again a typical post-hardcore song with all the elements mentioned before. This is really the story of this whole album, some people would call it unoriginal but I think that it is just a matter of taste, you like this kind of music with all the catchy tunes and electronical sounds or you simply don’t.

When we reach number four at the album we have ‘Interlude’, and that is exactly what it is: an electronical/instrumental interlude. Also the only song at the album that I am not enthousiast about.

The album continues with three more songs and a never-ending energy in the songs ‘Welcome To War’ and ‘Worlds Beyond’.

It all ends with ‘Giants Will Fall’, for me one of the highlights of this album. Again starting electronical and then very soon the mayhem begins. An uptempo, breakdown filled song with all the elements mentioned before. I love the drums in this song, well done Jakob! A line in this song is: “This is the taste of what will come”, if that is the case in the future than I certainly know for sure that we will not get disappointed.

All in all I feel that this album is a big step forward and that AAMS as a band have grown a lot since their first ep ‘Illusions’. The only downside on this album is that it ‘only’ has seven songs, six if you don’t count the interlude. The next step, a full album guys.

Rating: 7.5/10

Written by: René Woning

1. Arise
2. Silver Sea Of Lights
3. Origin Of Light
4. Interlude
5. Welcome To War
6. Worlds Beyond (feat. Allistair)
7. Giants Will Fall

Band members:
Nick Mingrone – vocals
Jerry Keys – guitar
David Matthäus – guitar
Hans Thrum – bass
Jacob Johannsen -drums

Current band members:
Markus Leinberger – vocals
Jerry Keys – guitar
Hans Thrum – bass
Christoph Dieterle – guitar
Jakob Johannsen – drums

“Illusions” EP (2012)
“With Fear and Trembling” EP (2014)

Record label: Independent, Jan. 2014

Weblinks: Website / Twitter / Facebook

Buy the album here:
First Paradox
Norway: Nordic Mission

Video below ‘Silver Sea Of Lights’

Lyric video ‘Welcome To War’

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