Eluveitie Working on Second Acoustic Album, “Evocation II”, Promo Video Available


eluveitie2015promo_638Swiss folk metallers Eluveitie are working on their next album, the long-awaited second part of their acoustic concept effort “Evocation”.

The band plans to start the studio recording at the end of the year and to release the album next spring.

Eluveitie mastermind Chrigel Glanzmann comments: “We’re looking forward to “Evocation II”!

“The concept of the album sticks in our head already for years and it has matured a lot.

“Our second acoustic album will continue the tradition of the first one but it will be even more rough, folk and mystic! It will be the Celtic mythology in its pure culture, formed into music!”

Eluveitie has also announced its first Swiss acoustic tour of 2016. At these shows, Eluveitie will give fans a taste of what they can expect from the new record in the form of some brand new material.

Eluveitie in May announced the departure of drummer Merlin Sutter, vocalist Anna Murphy and guitarist Ivo Henzi.

Eluveitie‘s latest album “Origins” was released on August 5th. 2014 via Nuclear Blast Records. The cover artwork for the CD was created by Eluveitie frontman Chrigel Glanzmann and can be seen below. The effort was once again recorded at New Sound Studio in Pfäffikon, a municipality in the canton of Zurich in Switzerland, with producer Tommy Vetterli (a.k.a. Tommy T. Baron; Coroner/ex-Kreator guitarist).

Our review of “Origins” can be found here.

Upcoming Shows:
Sep 23 Das Zelt, Rhonesandterrain Brig, Switzerland
Oct 07 Das Zelt, Pier 11 Solothurn, Switzerland
Nov 05 Das Zelt, Alpenquai Luzern, Switzerland
Dec 16 Hessenhallen Gießen, Germany
Dec 17 Alter Schlachthof Dresden, Germany
Dec 18 Mega Club Katowice, Poland
Dec 22 Filharmonie Filderstadt, Germany
Dec 23 Mittelalterspektakel Stötten, Austria
Dec 26 RuhrCongress Bochum, Germany
Dec 27 Posthalle Wurzburg, Germany
Dec 28 Ringlokschuppen Bielefeld, Germany
Dec 29 Pier 2 Bremen, Germany
Dec 30 Metropolishalle Potsdam, Germany
Jan 06 Konzertfabrik Z7 Pratteln, Switzerland
Jan 07 Z7 Konzertfabrik Pratteln, Switzerland

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