Dystopian Futures – Low Arts (ep)


Jangly, moody punk/hardcore-influenced garage band tunes just like you remember returns on the ep from Dystopian Futures.

Those in the know will remember Dave Emmerson from his stint with Donovan de Necker in The Old Timers.  The Old Timers have since moved on to other things especially challenged by Dave and Don being separated by a continent or so, and Dystopian Futures is one of the latest projects to feature the vocal stylings of Dave. Joining Dave is Scott Key (ex-Voice of the Mysterons) who also apparently hosted the recording of the project in his house in Scotland.

“Low Arts” is one of those songs with a great underlying melody fueled by jangly guitars and some keyboard backing that bounces along with Dave Emmerson (ex-Old Timers) barking out the vocals over the top describing the general moral decay around us and how God as a protector will save us.

“False Dichotomy” is a bit different as it plods along in the beginning only to explode into full roar for the end of the 28 second long track.

“Omniphobes” also starts out a bit slow with a dark, slower groove reminding me of some lesser-known Violent Femmes songs before picking up speed toward the end of the song in a really cool riff.

With only a little over 5 minutes of music, it’s a bit hard to make a solid judgement, but from this brief intro, Dystopian Futures is a band worth keeping an eye on if you appreciate punk rock/hardcore influenced garage band music.  Expectations are running high for the project, and it’s worth checking out.

Rating: 8/10

Written by John Jackson9

1. Low Arts
2. False Dichotomy
3. Omniphobes

Band Members
Dave Emmerson – Vocals, bass
Scott Key – Guitar, vocals, drums, fiddle, mandolin, saxophone

Record Label: ZAP Records

Release Date: 11 June 2018

Weblinks: Bandcamp / Facebook (ZAP)

Video for ‘Low Arts’




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