Doulos – “The Middleman” ep


Duolos join the Thumper Punk roster and bring a catchy blend of thrashy old-school metallic hardocore on their debut ep.

Over the years, I’ve reviewed a lot of bands from Thumper Punk Records and have really been looking for them to get a band like Duolos. This music on this ep ticks off so many boxes for me in what I like in hardcore punk. Fast, thrashy, metallic guitars – check, raw production with a live feel to it – check, thumping low end – check, strong, intelligible shouted vocals with emotion reminiscent of NYHC – check, driving rhythms with pounding drums and some interesting patterns/fills–check, gang vocals – check. Ok, so it’s basically all here… biggest gripe is that it’s only an ep.

Ok, so how do I describe the Riverside, CA band for those who haven’t gone to the bandcamp site yet… I detect some old Suicidal, some SoCal hardcore like Terror, some Leeway.

“Death Brawl” opens up the ep with an eerie bass line that quickly gives way to a fast riff and the little things in the song really add a lot to it. On its own it would be a strong song, but the various starts/stops, drum fills, the varied vocal delivery from Eddie Blanco and Noah Cortez adding some great guitar work keep the song from being Just another solid song. “From the Start” is a bit more straightforward and blazing fast before transitioning into what is sure to be a great hardcore dancing section and then returning to the breakneck thrash speeds. This is one of those songs that really get the pit going. “My Pledge” slow things down for what is sure to be an anthem for the band and likely to inspire huge pile-ons at the front of the stage as everyone clamors to sing along. Lyrically, the band’s faith in Christ comes through clearly but is presented in way that isn’t preachy even if one can pick out some phrases straight from the Bible and “Garden Blues” retelling the story of Jesus betrayal. “Warhead” brings back some great bass lines, guitar work, and tempo changes galore giving Jeff Young and the rest of the band a good work out and providing a great vehicle for Eddie’s varied vocal delivery.

If you like old-school hardcore with a metal flair at all, just go get this and thank me later….

Rating: 8/10

Written by John Jackson

1. Death Brawl
2. From the Start
3. My Pledge
4. Garden Blues
5. Warhead

Band Members
Eddie Blanco (edboi) – Vocals
Melanie Blanco (Rebel Mel) – Bass
Noah Cortez (Dr Know) – Guitar
Jeff Young (el jefe) – Drums

Release Date: 2021

Record Label: Thumper Punk Records

Social Media: Instagram / Facebook / Bandcamp

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