‘Drottnar’ Announce New Single ‘Lucid Stratum’


Endtime  Productions are extremely proud to announce Lucid Stratum, the new single from the forthcoming and much anticipated Drottnar album.

Drottnar‘s isomorphic aesthetics excel again, rewarding us with extreme algorithmic consistency in form and structure; Lucid Stratum is pure ritualistic elegance in its most primal shape.
Lucid Stratum will be available as a Digipak and iTunes as a digital download. The Digipak will be available in unlimited amounts until the release of the complete album, when all remaining Digipak singles immediately will be destroyed by fire.

Lucid Stratum will officially be released in Kiev, Ukraine, november 6, and celebrated with two liveshows:

Brainstorm 2011
Gigant / Apeldoorn /The Netherlands
Other bands: Becoming The Archetype, Immortal Souls, War Of Ages, In The Midst Of Lions

Jolly Roger / Metal Fest
Kiev /Ukraine
Other bands: Thy Disease (Poland) – Te Deum (Ukraine) – Zorg Incorporated (Ukraine)

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Believe Nothing • Witness Everything.



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  1. Lucid Stratum will officially be released in Kiev, Ukraine, november 6, So you have to go to the Ukraine Marllon. And maybe it will be available for purchase through their website ?

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