Download The New EP ‘A Tribute Of Mercy’ [Mortification Tribute]


Mortifination Brazil recently released the second edition of the tribute to Mortification. With a tracklist all South American metal bands such as Uzias, Dark Night and Mary Go Round, this EP is destructive, very well executed with arrangements and vocals that range from the rough guttural to melodic.

I say this EP is a true tribute to this great ministry that Steve Rowe has completed over these two decades of Jesus Metal. Check out this tribute to Mortification. Artwork and tracklist can be seen below.

Track List

01 – Introduction to EvAngelene (Orchestral version) – Summum Bonum (BRA) *
02 – Buried into Obscurity – Uzias (ARG)
03 – Metal Blessing – Dark Night (BRA)
04 – Satan’s Doom (live) – Tribal Rites (BRA) *
05 – Razorback – Divine Storm/Sartras (BRA) *
06 – Northern Storm – Via Crucixx (BRA)
07 – Access Denied – The Mary Go Round (BRA)
08 – Erasing the Goblin – Tryumphall (BRA)*

– Tracks from “A Tribute of Mercy 1”


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