Download the New 20 Song “Spartan Records” Sampler “It’s Kind of Awesome” for Free


Kind of Awesome: A Spartan Records SamplerAt Spartan, music is our life. We started Spartan in 2013 as a 100% independent, grassroots label and every day, we’re fueled by a passion for our artists and their music. Our current roster consists of over 15 bands from around the world with genres ranging from indie rock to post-rock to noise-punk and everywhere in between. We’re proud to celebrate our 30th official release with our new 20-track free sampler, “Kind of Awesome.” We invite you to step inside our musical universe and come along for the ride. So far, it’s been…well, kind of awesome.

However it is not a metal sampler, I think it is interesting and available for free and legal download.

Track Listing
01. Ourlives – “Blissful Ignorance”
02. My God, It’s Full of Stars – “Lightness of Being”
03. Kiska – “Conjuror”
04. Secret Stuff – “I Knew You So Briefly, You Dead Soap Dog”
05. Barren Womb – “White raven”
06. Lucky Scars – “All Lies”
07. Sullivan – “What’s Good For The King”
08. Schematic – “All The Birds Are Singing”
09. The Foxery – “Broken Vessels”
10. Trespassers – “Thereafter”
11. Young Fox – “The Answer”
12. Demons – “Parallel Lines”
13. Waypoint – “Translation”
14. Daisyhead – “Numbing Truth”
15. Unifier – “Break”
16. Renaissance Fair – “I Hope You’re Doing Well”
17. Mae – “Skyline Drive 3.0”
18. NYVES – “Just Give Up”
19. Shy, Low – “Nostos”
20. Over the Ocean – “Riverbed”

Download the sampler at Noisetrade here

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