Doomsday Hymn – O Fim and Sujo/ Imundo (digital singles)


Brazil and metal conjures up thoughts of Sepultura and Doomsday Hymn brought that on their debut back in 2015 and these two new digital singles show the band has further matured their sound…and fury.

Doomsday Hymn out of Curitiba, Brazil formed in late 2013 with Gil Lopes (vocals) and Jarlisson Jaty (drums), and then other band members being added to create the original 5 piece lineup.That lineup would record an ep and album that solidified the Doomsday Hymn sound and garnered the group critical praise.  Since 2015, the band has retained only Gil Lopes on vocals and now are a four piece and despite the changes, the sound is an evolution of the one from the original lineup.

“Sujo/Imundo” is one of those songs that is filled with fury and metal and an underlying groove, which goes into overdrive and if you’velistened to Sepultura at all the style will sound familiar.  Gil Lopes vocals bark out in rapid fire and Jairo Messias drums punctuate things like machine gun fire at times and then in other parts of the song meld with the bass line to produce an undeniably catchy groove.

“O Fim” shows the band going a bit of different direction with Gil Lopes adding in some clean vocals and singing instead of the shouted,  barked vocals in “Sujo/Imundo”.  The song in the video version has a bit of cool intro, before Lopes barks out some vocals and a fast riff takes over.  Partway through the song the tempo shifts from the frenetic beginning to a medium-paced groove, allowing Lopes to sing.  Throughout, drums and bass provide that chest-pounding low end.  On that single is a great guitar opening intro that actually opens the full version of song.

Simply some great metal here.  Lopes vocals, shouted, screamed, and clean all convey intensity and purpose,  Ribeiro’s guitars provide some great riffs and power, and the rhythm section of Rafael and Messias hit and pound when needed and bring the groove with the best of bands when called on.

Rating: 10/10

Written by John Jackson.

Tracklist – Sujo/Imundo (Dirty/Implant)

1. Sujo/Imundo

Tracklist – O Fim

1. Intro
2. O Fim (short version)
3. O Fim (instrumental version)
4. O Fim (full version)

Band Members
Vocals – Gil Lopes
Guitar – Renato Ribeiro
Bass – João Rafael
Drums – Jairo Messias

Record Label: Independent, 2019

Weblinks: Facebook / Twitter

Buy the album here:
Holland: First Paradox
Norway: Nordic Mission

Lyric video for ‘Sujo/Imundo’


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