‘Demon Hunter’ New Lyric Video Available For Streaming ‘I Will Fail You’


Demon Hunter 2014The official lyric video for ‘I Will Fail You’, a brand new song from Seattle-based metallers Demon Hunter, can be seen below. The track is taken from the band’s upcoming album, “Extremist”, which will be released on March 18 via Solid State.

“True Defiance”, the sixth full-length album from Demon Hunter, sold 12,500 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 36 on The Billboard 200 chart. The record arrived in stores on April 10, 2011 via Solid State Records“True Defiance” is produced by Aaron Sprinkle [Anberlin, Emery] and mixed by Jason Suecoff [All That Remains, Trivium], True Defiance finds Demon Hunter continuing in their hard rock evolution while embracing the components that have always formed the backbone of their music: true metal, dark rock and balladry.

To read our review for “True Defiance” click here.

Last year the band made the news for their purported association with the Navy SEAL who killed Osama bin Laden. In an article in Esquire, the anonymous SEAL said, “I wore my Demon Hunter patch on every mission. I wore it when I blasted Bin Laden.”

At the time, the band issued a statement, which said in part, “The members of Seal Team 6 and The Shooter are American heroes who deserve our support. We were among the Americans and people around the world abroad who supported the bringing to justice of one of the biggest mass murderers in history, who planned and executed some of the most horrific acts imaginable. All of the military who risk their lives to protect our freedoms earn our respect each and every single day. We are honored, humbled and blessed that Demon Hunter was of any support or comfort to Seal Team 6 or anyone in the US military at any time.”

Extremist DH

01. Death
02. Artificial Light [listen]
03. What I’m Not
04. The Last One Alive [listen]
05. I Will Fail You
06. One Last Song
07. Cross To Bear
08. Hell Don’t Need Me
09. In Time
10. Beyond Me
11. Gasoline
12. The Heart Of A Graveyard

Deluxe-edition bonus songs:

13. Waste Me
14. Helpless Hope

Band members:
Ryan Clark – Vocals
Patrick Judge – Lead Guitar
Jeremiah Scott – Rhythm Guitar
Jonathan Dunn – Bass
Yogi Watts – Drums

Weblinks: Website / Twitter / Facebook

Lyric video below for ‘I Will Fail You’

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