Danish Prog Metal Band ‘Anubis Gate’ Releases ‘Black’ Lyric Video


Danish prog masters Anubis Gate have released a lyric video for ‘Black’ the track is taken from their new their album “Covered In Black” which is released on September 1st via Nightmare Records. The video can be seen below.

The band has stated the following:

Hi everybody! While we are working on our next full scale video our label had this lyric video made, it’s called “Black” and it is from our new album “Covered In Black”, we hope you enjoy it… we love you all in these dark days! ”

Special Note: The timing of this video release is in no way related to the shooting tragedy in Las Vegas, NV, our hearts go out to all those lost, injured and the families of those effected by these tragic events we had planned to release this on Monday Oct 2nd.

“Covered In Black”  cover artwork is created by Nikos Marko and was produced by Kim Olesen and Jacob Hansen.

About the album they said:

“What would have been mature was to make an album resembling our previous album Horizons, going with the beautiful feel-good vibe of that album (though its topics were not all that feel-good).”

“Instead, the writing of this album simply did not go in that direction. While Covered In Black is a highly melodic affair, it is also challenging in a way none of our previous albums are. Dealing with, and dedicated to, people in dark places, this albums has a darker and more complex edge to it. Allowing ourselves to dig deeper into our collective pool of musical experiences and knowledge, the inspirations come from far across the spectrum,” the band explains, promising an album with a variety of musical styles “ranging from classical chamber music, seventies prog and extending to thrash, with very eastern influences popping up.”

“Is it a concept album? No. But it is a theme album. About people in dark places. From psychopaths, assassins to the more modern topics of being at the receiving end of what is bad about social media. Topics of lifelong failure and revenge are touched upon.”

The bands new album can be purchased online at Amazon / iTunes / HDtracks / WOW / T-shirt & CD bundle’s at Merchbooth

Covered In Black tracklist:

01. Psychotopia
02. The New Delhi Assassination
03. The Combat
04. Too Much Time
05. A Journey To Nowhere
06. Black
07. Blackerer
08. Blackest
09. Operation Cairo
10. From Afar

Band members:
Henrik Fevre – Vocals, Bass
Kim Olesen – Guitar, Keyboards
Michael Bodin – Guitar
Morten Srensen – Drums

Weblinks: Facebook / Website / Twitter

Lyric Video for ‘Black’

Video for ‘The Combat’

Video for “Covered In Black” (Teaser)

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