Dangerous Minds – “Blood Diamonds”


Dangerous_Minds_-_Blood_Diamonds_cover_415Dangerous Minds is a Christian hardcore band from Los Angeles and was founded by Dynasty guitarist Marcel Muniz. They claim that their “innovative brand of hardcore” stands on the shoulders of Terror and Sleeping Giant .

Guest vocal appearances on Blood Diamonds include Joel Muniz from Dynasty, Tommy Green from Sleeping Giant, Matthew Salamante of LIV., Nate Rebolledo of Xibalba, and Levi Lehman of Judgement x Day.

With the first track ‘Introducing’ they really introduce themselves, and not only the King of Kings, about whom they sing in this song. Old-school New York hardcore is what it is all about. Hard and fast-paced riffs packed full of energy. The next song ‘Death Defeaters’ which features Joel Muniz from Dynasty flows fluently from the former track.

The title track ‘Blood Diamonds’ features Tommy Green from Sleeping Giant. This song is a perfect example of what hardcore is, or should be, about. Very catchy and up-tempo interspersed with breaking tempo-changes. This song deals about our lost state as a human being and that we are set free by the blood of Jesus. There is no doubt that Dangerous Minds are devout followers of Christ. Where in some bands’ lyrics you have to search for a clue of Christianity, Dangerous Minds are very clear in their lyrics.

The whole album rages forth with a never ending energy. At times they remind me of the NY-hardcore band Backtrack, and that is a compliment as far as I am concerned.

‘Brothers’ is for me one of the highlights of this album, this song will get you moving and I can imagine the moshpit will go crazy on this song. And the sound of the bass; just wow!

All in all the mix is done well, sometimes it gets a bit muddy, from time to time the sound is more clear than at other moments. Not that it is something to complain about though, just something I noticed.

‘Take The Blame’ features Nate Rebolledo of Xibalba and ‘Hard Times’features Levi Lehman of Judgement x Day. The latter is, again, an up-tempo hardcore song which I especially like.

‘Ending’is just what it is, original the ending. Just a bunch of nonsense for 18 seconds.

This album however has a bonus track ‘Party Step’. And I am glad that they put it on the record; what a worthy closure with a solo at the beginning that could easily fit on a Suicidal Tendencies album (I am talking about the old work). Now that I am thinking of it, the sound of the voice of Marcel Muniz remind me a bit of Mike Muir. Again not a comparison to be ashamed of.

Well, there you have it: a hardcore album which is seldom heard in the Christian scene. This one is for all the old-school hardcore enthousiasts out there. You should really check them out.

Rating: 7.5/10

Written by: René Woning

Track list:
1. Introducing
2. Death Defeaters
3. Blood Diamonds
4. Establish Dominion
5. Brothers
6. More Than Conquerors
7. Take the Blame
8. Hard Times
9. Ending
10. Party Step

Band members:
Marcel Muniz (vocals)
Jeremy Tudon (guitar)
Michael Massey (guitar)
Alan Litrell (bass)
Danny Perez (drums)

“Blood Diamonds” (2016)

Record label: On The Attack Records, June 2016

Weblinks: Facebook / Bandcamp

Buy the album here:
Holland: First Paradox
Norway: Nordic Mission

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