Conveyer – “No Future”


In 2011 a bunch of dudes from Eau Claire, Wisconsin came together to form what was to be known as “Conveyer”. Since its formation the band released 3 EPs “Signal Fire”, “Empty Handed” & “MMXII” before releasing their first full length album Worn Out which was self-released in 2013. Following its release the band went through a lot of line-up changes and signed up with Victory Record to release their first studio album “When Given Time To Grow” in 2015. The band toured alongside Ghost Key, Until we are ghosts, Dwell and a couple of other bands in 2013.

“Conveyer” came out with their second studio Album “No Future” in June 2017 via Victory records. Listening to Hardcore really stirs me up and gives me adrenaline in the best possible way :). This bands exhibits raw unabated energy throughout the length of the album. They are quite traditional when it comes to song writing, and claims never to have used a computer to do so. Impressive eh? Brooks mentions that Song writing is an important aspect for the band and every band member is encouraged to throw in ideas.

So I queued in the album, which opens softly with “Dust” and gathers momentum with rugged guitar chops and marching/blast beats. The sound on this song sets the flavour for the rest of the album. Next up “The Whetstone” treads on dark territory with “a blade through my stubborn soul” setting up a hardcore back drop with an ambient elements on the fore front.

The aura carries forth on to the next song “Haunt” as the protagonist is submitted to a life of recluse and remembrance of his loved one. The song’s heaviness is filled with sparse melody, which sounds perfect for the anguish the Protagonist is in. I sense there is a bigger story or maybe a concept album when I finished listening to “New low” which seems to be a part of it but not necessarily in the listed order. The song is packed and makes strong impact in a short timeframe.

Tracks like “Drift”, “Levity” and “Disgrace” bring in some variation to the song arrangements but not so much to as to set them apart. These tracks lacks individuality as the same vocal pitch echos throughout the record and offers no flair. And after a couple of spins a formulaic sets in, which fails to impress its listener.

Being a Metalcore/Hardcore outfit, I expected plenty breakdowns and odd time signature riffs, which are only encountered towards the outro of “No Future”. Better late than never! Marching drums swaddled with low tone guitar chugs drives the sound on “Carrier”.

John Gaskill technical prowess and Makato’s and Brooks’s guitar work is quite evident on tracks “Tunnel Vision” and “Parting Words”, which enthrals you and gives you a new perspective as we close this album.

Production : The album is well produced and mixed. The band’s effort is commendable.

Conclusion : The rhythm felt repetitive, the juggling between clean and harsh vocals sparse. Emotions run high and my response is mixed. If you are a Hardcore Punk or a Metalcore enthusiast give it a spin.

Rating: 7/10

Written by: Ankit Sood

1. Dust
2. The Whetstone
3. Haunt
4. New Low
5. Disgrace
6. Levity
7. No Future
8. Carrier
9. Drift
10. Tunnel Vision
11. Parting words

Band members
Danny Adams – vocals
Ty Brooks – guitar
Nick Matako – guitar
John Gaskill – drums
Jake “Jakey” Smith – bass

Record Label: Victory Records, June 2017

Weblinks: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

Video for ‘No Future’

Video (audio) for ‘Disgrace’

Video below: ‘Whetstone’

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