Christian Heavy Band Cultist Releases New Single ‘Suffering By My Own Hand’ ft. Jeremy Schaeffer (Earth Groans)


Cultist’s new single ‘Suffering By My Own Hand’ appears on the upcoming album “Slow Suicide”, out July 21, 2023 on Facedown Records. Featuring guest vocals by Jeremy Schaeffer of Earth Groans

Cultist is a metal band hailing from Southern California. The band released their first EP “The Preacher” in 2018, followed by their first album “An Observation Of Grief” in 2021. They announced their signing to Facedown Records on July 7th, 2022.

Listen to the song ‘Suffering By My Own Hand’ below.

The band explained the meaning behind their name in a Facebook comment:
“Christ is the only thing that separates true religion from a pointless cult. Even in Christianity. And the name Cultist is something of a reminder of that. If you do not have Christ you’re just following vain rules to a pointless end.”


  1. Slow Suicide
  2. Preacher III *
  3. Memento Mori
  4. Hell Of My Design *
  5. I Fear Your Silence
  6. Suffering By My Own Hand
  7. Let Me Feel Everything *
  8. Last Breath of a Dying God


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