‘Coração De Herói’ ‘Apocalipse XVIII’ Free Album Download


Brazilian metallers Coração De Herói formed in January 2010, under the leadership of Marcelo ‘Soldier’, the band makes a devastating and unique sound, due to the blend of the purest Hardcore and jazz/funky grooves. Their debut Apocalipse XVIII is available now for free download.

Armadura, is taken from their debut album, the song can be streamed below and enjoy.

On their website, the band states: “We were preparing this for 2 years for this moment… Apocalipse XVIIIThe Fall Of The Babylon! If it’s possible, check out this biblical passage, even if it’s not part of your culture, and you’ll find out an encoded message in some of our lyrics.After all, this is a combat band. There are forces that are approaching so fast of the thrones of the world, of our homes, families and friends!”


“While there is a breath of life in this band, the sacrifice of the Cross will be honored… we thank God for each of your lives, and to Him be all the glory…”

01 Armadura
02 Coracao De Heroi
03 Colisao
04 Aos Velhos Tempos
05 Confronto Final
06 Sem Amanha
07 Da Rua
08 Infante Combatente
09 Unidos Pelo Sangue
10 Youngblood
11 Entre O Bem E O Mal
12 Apocalipse


Band members:
Soldado – Vocals & Guitar
Rafa – Bass
Tomatti – Guitar
Paulinho – Drums

Weblinks: Facebook / Myspace / Website
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