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BadlandsHere we have Colossus, a hardcore/metalband from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. This is their second album “Badlands”, it came out September 16. The official statement about this cd is: “Badlands combines the ambition and spirit of the band’s debut with their progressive hardcore aesthetic and an ambience relatively new to their sound.” It was recorded at Covenant Recording Studio (Norma Jean, War Of Ages) and mixed and mastered by Brian Hood (Gideon, Being As An Ocean).

Where does the title “Badlands” come from? As a reviewer you sometimes get additional information about the record and I always try to summarize it in my own words. But this time it ha so many depth that I just give you the original statement that lays here before me: “Badlands”, a term for dry terrain that has been stripped bare by wind and water, is an album full of energetic  anthems designed to identify with the struggles of the human condition; namely loneliness, and the feelings of isolation that can be so difficult to navigate. The title also gives homage to Colossus’ home state of South Dakota and it’s vast badlands formations where the harsh erosion ans desolation of the ground can often give way to a spectacular color display. The irony of the beauty found in the treacherous terrain isn’t lost on Colossus as the theme of finding encouragement in tragedy is one that is at the forefront of “Badlands”.

The record starts with a short instrumental track, ‘Badlands’, which sets a menacing tone. It flows fluently over in the song ‘Demons’ for which they also made a videoclip. Hardcore how it is supposed to be, energetic with an attitude. The same can be said for the song ‘Slow Burn’. Alex Gutzmer, vocals, is doing a great job, raw screams in the likes of Gideon but than a bit heavier

Then the song ‘Outcast’ which features Daniel McWhorter of Gideon, a beautiful cooperation which fits well because the song has that real ‘Gideon’ feeling.
Followed by ‘Worthless’ an uptempo song where also are some clean vocals to back it all up. This song is letting us hear what Jim Hughes (guitar) is capable off. Aggressive breakdowns and at the end a nice talented guitarsolo.

‘Shades of Gray’ again an uptempo song which is followed by ‘Downcast Eyes’, we are treated with breakdown after smashing breakdown where the double bassdrums will probably give you a wonderfull sensation when played live.  I haven’t mentioned Zach Moll, bassplayer, until now. The bass is very good to hear in the mix which I personally think is a very positive point.

The album rages on with a never ending energy, I can spoil the surprise by telling you everything but this is just a album you have to hear for yourself. I can recommend it to everyone who is into the hard/metalcore scéne. You won’t get disappointed, I promise!

Rating: 8.5/10

Written by: René Woning

Track listing:
1. Badlands (1:10)
2. Demons (3:39)
3. Slow Burn (3:04)
4. Outcast (3:39)
5. Worthless (3:22)
6. Shades of Gray (2:44)
7. Downcast Eyes (4:02)
8. Insomnia (3:21)
9. Recoil (2:51)
10. Nicotine (3:36)

Band members:
Alex Gutzmer – Vocals
Jim Hughes – Guitar
Zach Moll – Bass
Israel Wipf – Drums

“Time & Eternal” (2013)
“Badlands” (2014)

Record label: Facedown Records, Sept. 2014

Weblinks: Facebook / Twitter / Myspace

Buy the album here:
 First Paradox 
 Nordic Mission

Video for ‘Demons’

Video for ‘Outcast’

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