Classic Christian Rockers Fear Not Live at the Whisky Recap, Live Video and a Few Left Overs!


Fear Not played a great set earlier this month (Nov. 5th) at the Whisky-A-Go-Go despite the power outage Stryper faced the show went off without a hitch!

The band ripped through a 30 minute set with 5 new tracks from “Fields of Sorrow” and ended with the classic ‘We Have A God‘ which featured Larry out front on vocals for a good portion of this classic track.

Fear Not‘s entire set was captured on video and audio for a possible live release in 2023! Stay Tuned!

For now take a look at the hand held captured promo of the band’s current single ‘Voluntary Madness’ with some help from our friends at KruseFX.

Also be sure to get one of the left over t-shirts made especially for the show. We had less than 20 left and they will go quickly if you’d like one of these unique shirts, click here.

“Fields of Sorrow” is released June 8th. 2022 via Roxx Records.

Here is what the critics are saying about “Fields of Sorrow”

“Fear Not’s latest is ‘Fields of Sorrow’ a killer piece of melodic hard rock (not an 80s rehash). Fields of Sorrow’ is an album that’s sure to be on the shortlist as an album of the year candidate. Roxx Records has hit another home run!”

Heavens Metal – Keven Crothers

“Fields Of Sorrow adds up to a well deserved 95% in featuring one great song after another. Twelve quality cuts standing equally on there own- no filler or skip buttons with the two bonus tracks every bit album worthy as the preceding ten”

Angelic Warlord – Andrew Rockwell

10 out of 10 rating – “Overall, Fields Of Sorrow does NOT disappoint by any stretch of any imagination. To think that we are in 2022 and there is still great music coming out, gives my heart joy and a reassurance that we are on the right track.”

The Metal Onslaught – Christian Sullivan

“Fields of Sorrow” sees FEAR NOT embarking on a new musical journey with the release of their sophomore full length album which takes the listener on a heavy and heartfelt journey with the band as they prepare to release this full length album of all new music with meaning. 

The Metal Resource – Donovan The Necker

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