‘Clamer Lucio’ ‘The Flight Of Angels’ EP Released [Free Album Download]


Clamer Lucio, guitarist of the Brazilian Thrash Metal band Saint Spirit, released earlier this year his first EP titled The Flight Of Angels, very particular stuff and with influences far away from metal. The material was recorded between December 2010 and February 2011, at the CPL Studio, all made by Clamer. This EP is available now as a free download. Artwork and tracklist can be seen below.

Clamer, however, already warns that, before the end of this year, he will release another EP, titled “Comma” which will have 3 tracks linked with influences of modern metal and based in ambient music. The tracks are titled “Comma I”, “Comma II” and “Comma III”. Listen to Comma part II below.

1 – Salvation (Intro)
2 – Ambient Senseless
3 – Quarentena Off Song
4 – Lost Soul
5 – Constellations Stones (Interlude)
6 – Sanctuary Free


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